Hi Slated Wikians!

Despite me always calling this wiki "Slated Wiki," its official name is "Slatedtrilogy Wiki." This will soon change. I have sent in a request to Staff to rename the wiki to "Slated Wiki," to make sure the wiki shows up on search results of Slated fans. The URL will also change to slated.wikia.com, rather than slatedtrilogy.wikia.com.

Often, I have performed a Google search for Slated and this wiki has not shown up in the results. I hope this will change when our wiki gets renamed, because how else are Slated fans who are unaware of Wikia going to find the wiki? The answer: They probably can't.

Thanks for your cooperation, and I really hope more Slated fans can find out about the wiki this way! Iva (Message Wall) 21:48, February 15, 2016 (UTC)