Now you've started contributing to the wiki and want to be able to do more things. Well here's how!

I'd been successful a while ago in adopting the Wikia. For the first time in a while, Slated Wiki had an admin, which is a user that has special rights. However, a team of admins benefits the community more than just one, so new admins are needed at the Wiki. If you are interested in becoming one, here are the things you need to know.

-First off, if you are an anonymous user, you need to create an account and make a good amount of edits before I can promote you. You are anonymous if you do not log in when you edit. A user named "Wikiaeditor1234" has a custom username and logs in to edit, while user "" has only their IP address and doesn't log in. You need to create an account and edit if you were an anonymous user on the wiki.

-Be an active member of the Wiki. For some Wikis, this means being online at least once a day and making 500 edits. For others, it means making 20 good edits over two days. Our criteria is in between these extremes. On this Wiki, it means that you should come on to the Wiki at least once a week and edit helpfully (at least 3-4 sentences on article pages. You need to be more dedicated if you are an admin, but that doesn't mean answering questions within an hour of their posting.

-Make the effort to be in touch with other users. If there is a new user, welcome them personally. If someone asks a question on your Message Wall, answer it. Don't delete or undo edits by other users, unless they were deleting someone's edits or vandalizing the page.

-Use your rights responsibly. Once you are an admin, you will have the power to block other users and edit the layout of the Wiki. Don't block other users just because you don't like them or their edits, and don't delete pages from the Wiki Navigation. Rollback rights are deleting all edits by a user. Be afraid of rollback and don't use it without vandalism. I have tested it out once on my own edits and it was scary how things disappeared. Use "Undo" if possible.

Leave a message on my wall if you are interested!