If I do say so myself, the ending to my last blog was nothing short of sad. Actually, the whole blog sounded, gloomy, frustrated, and let down.

The one sliver of hope in it was that if you weren't sure how to join, I would tell you here. Well, here I am! (switches to upbeat mode)

Anon vs. Account

Alright, so you've decided to join the Slated Wiki. But you've seen other anonymous accounts with their IP addresses displaying, and you've seen people like me with accounts. Which one to choose? Well, for some people, they don't want their IP address to display on a public site and prefer to have a more private profile. An account would be right for you in this case! Your IP address is completely private, and you can make up a very generic username (like mine) and a fake name (also like mine.) People won't have one iota who you are, and you'll be considered a more engrained community member. Simply click "register" in the top right corner and come up with a username and private password.

If you would prefer not to sign up, though, simply click the "edit" button on an article, or comment on an article. Your revision will show up as being by "a Wikia contributor" and when clicking on your name, an IP will be displayed. As an anon, you can't change your photo (it's set to the default) or join the chat.

It's your choice whether to be an anon or make an account, and both are perfectly cool. :)

What now?

Now that you have made an account (or not) you can start editing! Here are some things you can do:

1. Go and edit an article. All the articles need your help, and any contribution to them would be greatly appreciated! When you get to an article, click the "Edit" button at the top left. The editor will appear, and it will be similar to editing a Word or Google document. When done, click "save page" at the top right.

2. Comment on an article or blog, like this one. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the comment box, then click "post comment."

3. Leave a friendly message on a message wall. Ask any questions or just say hi! My wall is a great place to start. Simply write a subject in the first box, then write a message in the second box. When done, press "Post."

4. Go to the Forum and click on a category. Then post a post the same way you would post on a message wall.


I hope this helps if you want to join the wiki! I sincerely hope that one of my viewers will do one of these above things, with an account or not! If you have questions, contact me here.

Bye for now,